Innovative Solutions For New York Families

At the Smithtown firm of Grabie & Grabie, LLP, Attorneys at Law, we provide caring, knowledgeable and experienced legal services to individuals and families that are grappling with issues of health and financial elder care, Medicaid planning, estate and probate administration, wills, trusts and estate planning.

We get personally involved so that we can provide the best possible assistance during critical turning points in our clients' lives. When it is time to choose a nursing home, we are at the hospital advocating for our clients' best interests. When a social service home evaluation takes place, we are there. When it is time to establish a legal guardianship for a loved one, we are there.

So that we may be there for you, contact us to schedule an extensive review of your family's present and future elder law needs. Should you retain our firm following your initial analysis, we will apply the entire cost paid for the initial consultation to your account.

Let Us Help You Answer These Important Questions

As members of your family age, pressing questions are better addressed sooner rather than later, such as:

  • What will happen if Dad gets so sick he needs to go to a nursing home?
  • When and how can we ensure our parents' Medicaid eligibility?
  • How can family assets be preserved despite the overwhelming cost of nursing home care?
  • Will we need a special real estate lawyer when our parents' home needs to be sold?
  • What will happen if I or a loved one is unable to speak or make decisions due to a medical crisis?
  • How will the estate be handled as each parent passes on?

With more than 100 years of combined legal experience, our attorneys understand the emotional and financial toll these questions can take on your family. Let us guide you to innovative solutions that will best serve your needs and your final wishes.

Seek Our Assistance Before You Need It

We will help you no matter where you are in the estate planning, Medicaid planning, probate or estate administration process. However, we can help you much more effectively if you contact us before a time of crisis.

Let us provide you with peace of mind and financial security by helping you plan for the future. Schedule a consultation with one of our experienced elder law and estate planning attorneys today by sending us an email or calling our Smithtown office at 631-360-5600.